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What will happen if a bulb is connected to two live wires?

It's an unconventional 'staircase light' circuit. Both the 'line' and the 'neutral' are switched. This circuit is not recommended for safety reasons since, in one 'bulb off' position, both the ...
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Voltage drop issues in LTspice simulation for buck converter using SW model

The "on" resistance of your switches is 1 ohm. You don't have a control loop around your buck to regulate the output voltage, so your output will drop in proportion to the effective source ...
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Searching for a high side switch with integrated current sensing

On a quick search on the TI High-side switches which is filtered on: Operating voltage >= 24 V Current >= 6 A There is: TPS281C30 : 60-V tolerant, 30-mΩ 6-A single-channel high-side switch ...
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How to use one USB-C port between 2x ESP32-S3 - Switched by toggle switch?

Have you considered using a cheap USB hub IC (like this one)? The USB bus is hub based and will mean that both downstream MCUs will be available to the host simultaneously on different addresses. No ...
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High-side load switch that is on by default

You can have a single package solution by using a double 2N7002 in a 6-pin package, e.g. 2N7002DW, 2N7000VC, etc. So we end up with just 3 resistors and a single double-mosfet package: simulate this ...
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Vending machine motor: simple DC motor with microswitch, one revolution

I work on these units, testing and repairing them for in-service vending machines. Have restored hundreds of them. Couple of things, the most common issue is that the microswitches become excessively ...
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I could not manage to use Switch Component in LTspice

I just don't have your problems: But since you provide no additional circuit details and have chosen to show only a little part, it's difficult to say much more. The above is the complete circuit. ...
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What will happen if a bulb is connected to two live wires?

What will happen if a bulb is connected to two live wires? Will the current flow through it, and will the bulb be damaged soon? Nothing, no, and no. The voltage that the light bulb experiences is the ...
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FET selection and quantity for buck-boost converter design

Your FETs don't (i.e. shouldn't) dissipate 120 W -- when ON, the current may be 5 A, but the VDS will be low (100s mV), and when off, the VDS will be high, but the current nearly zero. Properly ...
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How to make a current sensing circuit for oxygen concentrator to generate alarm when no current on cord

You might be able to do something like that with off-the-shelf home automation modules and setting up a rule to trigger a mains socket 'on' if the low power state persists for a certain length of time,...
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Charge batteries in parallel, discharge in series

Yes, it's possible, but fraught with a few problems: Balancing is trickier While in series, one of the two batteries will be the first to be emptied; when its BMS shuts it down, the load will be ...
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Need help identifying a rotary switch component

From a google image search for "rotary quadrature encoder" found an in-stock Panasonic EVQ-VVD00203B on a distributor website: The datasheet has the following picture which looks to match ...
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Circuit for rebooting by pressing momentary switches

The buttons pull the lines low, and this is using inverse logic. If either of the button inputs is high, then that indicates not pressed, and thus not resetting. Thus it should only pull reset low if ...
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Seemingly dielectric grease in my rotary switch

It's insulating, but enough of the large (for 2.5A) contact surfaces will make contact through the grease to conduct properly. The grease serves to keep debris off of the contact surfaces and prevent ...
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Low power toggle switch

You might try using a CMOS version of the 555, according to the datasheet for the LMC555 the supply current is maximum 400 uA @ 12 V. The TLC555 has a higher maximum voltage rating (18 V vs. 15 V) and ...
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