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Your problem is for your Opamp. As I see, your RC value is 100nF and 1MOhms is 0.1 seconds, and your plot is a nice 1/0.1s+1 plot. So everything is OK based on your circuit. if you want to increase speed, lower C or R to get a better speed. Your 500 ms delay is a 5 time of time constant of this circuit, which is also shows me that it's a first order ...


Considering the whole schematic I think the filled dots (you encircled in blue) are nets that go to a test points I think they correspond with the tiny round pads on the back side of the PCB, but I cannot confirm this by visual inspection only) Typically, label these nets would have been labeled on a schematic. the open dots (e.g the one labelled VUSB) are ...


To turn off that FET, the gate driver Vout needs to be up at 24 volts. This circuit does not provide that.

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