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Why is the MCP23S17 device getting too hot suddenly and randomly?

This circuit is working at 1 Mhz. As you can see MCP is fed with Raspberry supply pins. They don't need extra capacitors because the Raspberry provides 100 nF at their 3.3 V and 5 V pins. This is ...
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MOSFET driver is running hot

You need a series gate resistor. Start with 15Ω, moving down to about 10-5Ω. Remember your on-off switching. The gate acts like a capacitor. When charge current is first applied, a capacitor appears ...
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Temperature Sensor Auto

I assume, you want to use the LM3914 configured as shown in figure 1 of the datasheet. Then REF_OUT provides 5.0 V and this is the signal input range. This circuit uses the stable 5 V reference ...
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How can I make a thermostat?

Helo a weary simple thermostat is bimetallic 2 outer pcs metal saw blades 8"long or so and a zinc strip same as the metal blade wide only 7" long the tree pcs Ar fastened together metal-...
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Temperature dependent characteristics of a diode

Your SiC diodes have lots of bulk resistance which has a positive temperature coefficient. At high currents this more than offsets the neg temp co of the semiconductor junction. When you are past the ...
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Temperature dependent characteristics of a diode

Ohmic resistance of the crystal and contacts dominates the voltage drop at high current. For most materials, resistance increases with temperature.
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