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A real RS485 bus would be setup for bidirectional transmission and not dedicated to one way flow. If you want to use unidirectional flow you should be more apt to study termination techniques for RS422. Symmetrical parallel termination at each end like you show is what you want for a bus that needs to transmit in both directions. For unidirectional ...


consider this circuit Given you have no requirements for Delay, Output Rise and Fall times, unknown Cload, and no limitation for current pulled from the Source signal, this circuit will serve you very well. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab


Congratulations. You have just discovered a "transmission line". 8 feet away. That's far. Far enough that given the speed an electrical signal propagates down a wire (~0.6c) and a fast rise/fall time, you can no longer assume that the electrical signal (or wave) travels down the wire at instantly, hence a transmission line. In other words, you can't assume ...

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