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How are current and voltage related to torque and speed of a brushless motor?

After 4 years using and studying electrical vehicles I figured out that "gradeability" (ability to raise a slope of specific grade) depends on motor torque, and torque depends on current. Voltage ...
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Can I measure torque accurately by an electrical or electronic method?

Fix a lever of a precise known length to the specimen and add calibrated masses. Measure the deflection with a dial gauge. Perpendicularity might be a concern and could be addressed with geometry... ...
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About the torque-free charging operation

The paper is about using the EV motor windings as a transformer or inductors as part of the charger when the vehicle is charging instead of using a separate component. A common problem of doing so is ...
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How to calculate the weight my DC motor can move?

I think you don't fully understand the specs of the motor. Stall Torque = 20 Kg/cm The unit is Kg*cm. And when a wheel of 4" diameter, i.e. 2"=5cm radius is ...
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DC motor spins faster in reverse

I did a quick search and found out that this is some hardware setting on the motor which increases torque in one direction at the expense of torque in the other direction. Since I'm not all into that ...
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Motor Induction motor design specifics

The short answer: they were both designed to do what they needed to do. One just cost more to do it. The long answer: Horsepower is proportional to speed. If you could spin that industrial motor as ...
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Can a DC brushless motor produce the same torque at different power levels?

The motor controller acts as a buck type switching regulator with the motor windings acting as the inductor. Since the voltage across the windings when stalled is only the resistive drop from the ...
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How to electrically brake a brushless motor

The braking options are mechanical, dissipation, and energy recovery. However when the vehicle is at a stop, braking can only be via mechanical static friction or via electrical dissipation generating ...
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Old Record Player Motor Doesn't Have Torque To Start

The Visible bit of bright copper is part of a shading ring .Your motor is single phase and relies on the shading rings for starting torque .When you strip the motor check the integrity of all the ...
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About the torque-free charging operation

The author is talking about charging an electric vehicle by re-using its drive train electronics and the motor windings as parts of the charging circuit. This means that during charging, currents flow ...
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DC motor spins faster in reverse

AFAIK higher current means higher torque Well... For a motor whose torque constant is, well, constant, that is the case. For a motor whose commutator timing is not neutral, I'm almost certain that ...
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If a high rpm motor is run at lower rpm, will it produce more torque?

In a permanent magnet or shunt-wound DC motor torque is directly proportional to current, and the torque constant (Kt) is the inverse of the velocity constant (Kv). If your motor does 12000rpm at 12V ...
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Electrical Motors and Frequency

I like your thinking on this. You see something about it that bugs you so you ask a question. Those little things that bug you because they don't fit, and the curiosity to pursue them are very ...
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Is there a standard for maximum torque that should be used to fasten PCBs to an enclosure?

I use a TackLife 1-4 Nm adjustable electric torque screwdriver. 1 Nm is too much torque for standard PCB material to handle before cracking if your screws don't strip. I'm assuming most PCB material ...
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How to measure electric motor torque?

Keep it simple. To measure the torque simply create a transversal arm attached to the motor using a known length. Let the whole motor free to turn (not the shaft, the outside case) along with the ...
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How to calculate the weight my DC motor can move?

Also note that "Stall torque" is the maximum torque at stall, and you should NEVER stall an electric motor, if fact, aim to run it at no less than 30% of max speed, stalling will very likely cause ...
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How to calculate the torque constant for a BLDC motor

The equation for the torque constant of a BLDC motor: \$K_{\tau} = \frac{60}{2{\pi}K_{v(RPM)}} = \frac{1}{K_{v(SI)}} \$, where \$K_{\tau}\$ is the torque constant in \$\frac{N \cdot m}{A}\$, and \$K_v\...
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Can a BLDC motor still provide max torque for holding position when I run it at 24 V instead of 48 V?

Torque is essentially a function of current, not of voltage. As long as the motor controller can provide the current that is necessary for "max. torque" the supply voltage does not matter. ...
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How to find stall current of servo motor?

V = IR To the first order, stall current = Applied drive voltage divided by the DC resistance of the coil. The stall current occurs when the motor is stalled (not moving), so there is no reactance ...
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How does this part of the schematic control the torque?

This circuit is designed to reduce the power to your stepper motors when they are idle to prevent overheating. It does this poorly. Adding a 1N914 diode placed in parallel with R4 will guarantee that ...
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Controlling the "amount" of regenerative braking (variable back torque?)

The amount of torque a motor generates is dependent on the current flowing through it. Control the current, and you control the torque. You can control the current when accelerating using your ...
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servo selection for robotic arm

Your torque result is in the right ballpark. The joint actuators for arms like this usually have significant reduction through planetary gear boxes, harmonic reducers, etc which multiplies the torque ...
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