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Transfer function for CMOS opamp design

Your general analysis looks correct. The design and analysis of a two stage op-amp is a well-known and well-treaded problem. questions: Is this the correct approach I used? It looks correct. You can ...
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2nd Order Butterworth gain calculation at cut off frequency

Your mistake is setting \$s=\omega_c\$. Recall that \$s=\sigma + j\omega\$. In the case of sinusoidal signals \$\sigma=0\$ and only \$j\omega\$ persists. In that case, the Butterworth lowpass filter ...
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How can I calculate the parameters of an inverse Chebyshev active filter?

Quote: "LvW I don't know how the values of these resistors and capacitors are determined" Well - you must apply the classical method which is to be used for all second-order stages: Select ...
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