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Designing a simple controller for a hot plate

I have solved the issue, here is my solution for reference. Initially I believed that the TRIAC was only latching on when I used my external controller. After testing the hotplate a second time ...
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Can a PWM signal with a 100% duty cycle be considered as an unit step?

When the PWM is at 100%, the input to the oven is sinusoidal (220 V AC 60 Hz): \$A \times \sin(\omega t) = 220V \sqrt2 \times \sin(2 \pi \times 60 Hz) = 311.127 \times \sin(377 t)\$ This cannot be ...
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Triac dimming using MOC3021 but light is flickering

R10 is probably too high at 470 ohms. Usually it is shown as being 220 when driven from 5V because you need to exceed the LED trigger current of 15mA. Since it has about 1.2V across it when on, R10 ...
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Can I use a TRIAC as an AC switch and an LDR as a switch controller to turn on and off a LED bulb?

Yes, it can be done. You can check for these two things online: Triac circuit interface with a microcontroller. LDR circuit to generate logic HIGH and LOW. Once you have these figured out, you can ...
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TRIAC self triggering. How can I improve my circuit?

For this reason, I have employed TRIACs rather than relays as the latter ones would give me Arduino reset issues when powering the inductive loads. I've had problems with noise from inductive loads ...
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Filter choice and EMI concerns for 10 A dimmer

PWM at AC mains works same as any other, but you need bidirectional switches (e.g. anti-series MOSFETs), and can't use a catch diode, it has to be synchronous. You also can't use, like, obnoxiously ...
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