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in which Rp is not known This is the entire idea of Type-C basic connectivity. Your device must use some voltage comparator to determine the voltage level of Rp:Rd divider. That's how you "know" what the Rp is. Your device can take 3A only if you sense about 1.6V at one of CC pin, which corresponds to 10k - 5.1k voltage divider. To sense this ...


We use "HP Thunderbolt Dock 230W G2" in our company and as far as I know there is a Thunderbolt-Port. So I think it's possible?


MOSFET T4 is to ensure the cold socket, preventing incoming negative voltage on VBUS. Removing T4 can save the cost and PCB space, but it will not be protected for negative voltage nor reverse battery - the reverse current flowing from the battery charger to the Source. To remove it or to keep it depends on the application needs for the protection. MOSFET T1 ...


If you want your MCU communicating with your android phone, the most common approach will be to use the MCU in a Device mode. Otherwise your phone (as a Device connected to a Host – a PC or MCU) will typically act as a storage device or a camera, you choose it on your phone when it is attached to a Host. MCU's Device mode, on the other hand, is the same as ...

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