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resource consumption of USRP

Power consumption: That will 100% depend on what you actually do with your signals, so this can't be a static number. This is a number logically impossible to calculate based on the image and its ...
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I am calculating the sum and signed overflow on the addition of two signed numbers, but the overflow is not true in some cases. Can anyone correct it?

The bit you are calling overflow is actually the carry bit from the addition. It is equivalent to "overflow" only when adding unsigned numbers. When ...
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How to create a 400 MHz synced clock from 1200 MHz in Verilog?

Since you used the testbench tag, I assume this is purely for Verilog simulation only. If you want both edges of clk2 to be ...
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Can generated events get placed before events already in the event queue in SystemVerilog?

The LRM section 4.7 Nondeterminism basically says that event regions are not queues--events scheduled in the region may be executed in any order. Your example is degenerate because the order your <...
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Synthesizable system verilog code to find least number in an array

For loops in Verilog are unrolled - in other words every iteration of the loop corresponds to some piece of hardware. As a result you cannot have a synthesisable loop with variable number of ...
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