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It looks like there's a couple of reasons. From the MC44145 datasheet: First off is to adjust the clock to a better range for the VCO that drives the pixel clock PLL so that the VCO control voltage stays within a usable range. The other reason is to provide a square wave with a 50% duty cycle for the pixel genetator.


Yes, most UVC webcams do a higher resolution and still work over USB2. Do a minimum amount of market research!


An uncompressed video stream will require: $$640\times480\times(3\times8\text{ bit})\times30\text{ fps} = 27.65\text{ MB/s}$$ This is close to the net data rate I often encountered (~30 MB/s) for USB 2.0 with 480 Mbit/s devices. There are some devices around which reach more (thanks to Marcus Müller). So an uncompressed stream should be doable. But you ...

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