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Role of a resistor in a specific, simple circuit

EE engg. So the transistor is a voltage controlled current source, but we know due to KCL law the current flowing into the base also affects the source and drain current. So you need to create a ...
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Role of a resistor in a specific, simple circuit

If I'm honest with you, the arrangement of D1 and R2 is very odd, and really doesn't help to understand much. There are better circuits to illustrate the transistor's and resistors' roles, but I'll ...
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Role of a resistor in a specific, simple circuit

In the circuit, R1 and R3 are acting as a voltage divider, but what purpose does this serve? Overall my question is, why include R3? R3 is indeed redundant. Why is it included?...perhaps to ...
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Why don't these resistors affect the gain in voltage divider bias?

The gain is Vout/Vin. In the small-signal sense, R1 & R2 are in parallel with each other and an ideal voltage source. Since the voltage source has zero output impedance, nothing in parallel with ...
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Fast high-voltage diode stack (for snubber circuit)

Yes, in general, diode recovery doesn't match, even from parts of a given production run (maybe even wafer). Diodes are diffused devices, and diffusion is a notoriously tricky and precise operation; ...
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