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What's is this? An SMD Voltage Regulator?

Ti part marking lookup yields a result with LFNB. This leads to LP3981IMM-3.3/NOPB, which seems to be compatible with your pictures in terms of pinout.
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How to write the equation for the input side of a JFET?

The text has provided Vi=Vgs+VRs but I do not understand how this equation came up. This equation is a KVL equation. The left side is a voltage rise from 0V across RG. The right side is the sum of ...
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How to write the equation for the input side of a JFET?

I do not understand how this equation came up It's as easy as this: what ever voltage you have at the input with respect to 0 volts (\$V_i\$) must equal the voltage between gate and source (\$V_{GS}\$...
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How to vary output current by maintaining constant output voltage?

Not unless you can change the valve's impedance as well. From Ohm's Law we have Z = E / I, if voltage E is constant and current I changes then impedance Z must also change. Edit: Now that you've added ...
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MOSFET gate driver current requirement for 2000 volt MOSFET

As per the data sheet of the MOSFET, the test condition is given at gate resistor 2 ohm and Vgs change as (18-(-2))=20V. So, as per this, the peak gate current requirement is 10 Amp.
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Dual N/P-Channel MOSFET Dies with Smoke

When Q1 turns off, the drive is limited by the 47K resistor. The charge time is about R2 x total gate capacitance, or 47K x 3nf = 141us, and during this slow transition the n and p transistors burn as ...
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What might cause a sudden voltage drop in an airborne drone's battery?

Looks to me like cell blue (or its connections) was/were weak and failed, and the controller attempted but failed to keep the drone aloft by drawing maximum current from the remaining three. Blue ...
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Why does disconnecting the receiving end of a transmission from the sending end increase the voltage at the receiving end?

Why does the voltage increase when the circuit is opened, but then decrease after 544us but not after 272us? The voltage increases when the circuit is opened, because of the inductance of the wire. ...
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Digital data transmission

Digital data transmission over computer networks is sending pulses of zero volt and 5 volts Not necessarily. This is the case for simple communication that isn't too fast, doesn't go too far, and ...
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Why would an in series-opposition center-tapped transformer not be used to drive a circuit?

Sure, no matter how these two windings are connected, you can use one or both windings simultaneously as usual. They just have one common terminal. The two windings just happen to have common terminal ...
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