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Is it theoretically possible to make an anti-jammer for WiFi?

No, you cannot jam a jammer away. For two signals to cancel, they need to be perfectly 180° out of phase. But the phase changes with distance from both transmitters - so the only possible scenario ...
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How to make an 802.11b/g conducted power measurement, getting different results

I have asked some knowledgeable co-workers, and the answer they provided is as follows: Amplitude vs. time is fine for measuring the peak conducted output power. Integrated power (or channel power) ...
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How to shield from WiFi signal

Your steel-pot solution should work; if not, it was probably because you had wiring going outside of the pot, and this wiring was picking up & re-radiating the WiFi signal. So you need to ...
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How to shield from WiFi signal

Get another wifi access point and connect the raspberry pi to that for testing. Used wifi routers can often be re-purposed as access points - just be sure to turn off DHCP and other discovery and ...
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Yagi antenna with 16 dBi gain, is it bottle necked by the power input?

The antenna doesn't care how much power you put into it, as long as it's not so much that it arcs or melts. When working with decibels they add. So if your amplifier is 5 W, that's 37 dBm. If you put ...
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