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What exactly does the limiter do in FSK demodulators?

What does limiter exactly do in FSK demodulators? It does the same job whether the transmission is FSK or regular broadcast FM. A normal FM radio receiver can use AM demodulation techniques such as ...
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How do I convert a differential RF signal to a single ended signal?

You use a balun this is a transformer which will convert the balanced differential pair output to the unbalanced SMA-coax. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab
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Is BPSK better than QPSK in any way?

From Dr. Fuyun Ling: QPSK needs twice of SNR, but it can transmit twice of bits in the same unit time. Thus, they have the same Eb/No, so in this respect they are equivalent. In the spectrum ...
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Is BPSK better than QPSK in any way?

From a hardware perspective, BPSK in general lends itself to less complex modulators, demodulators and carrier-phase-recovery circuits when compared to QPSK, due to the need for a quadrature not being ...
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