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Why is this switched power inlet fused on both load and neutral sides?

In the European safety standard EN61010-1 reversed mains connections must be treated as a normal situation (i.e. likely to happen). Placing a fuse in both lines covers both normal and swapped line/...
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Can someone help me with a LED light fixture puzzlement?

I have seen bulbs that are shaped so that the center connection of the Edison base is prevented from contacting the fixture center contact (the bulb shape interferes with the tubular portion of the ...
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making a long lasting battery pack for 24V/0.5A

Just use the 5 Ah batteries. The stereo will only draw whatever current it requires. The 5 Ah batteries will not force excess current into the stereo.
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Cable type selection for 128 channel signal transfer

Soldering that many wires on a pcb is probably not a good idea - a pcb pad is generally not very mechanically strong and if a wire breaks, it is going to be a pig of a job to resolder especially if ...
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A question about a possible electrical wring terminal/component

You already have a DIN rail so you can use terminal and/or power distribution blocks. At 5A, you should be able to use standard terminal blocks like these: All the terminal sizes are the same and you ...
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A question about a possible electrical wring terminal/component

Figure 1. A sample control panel in progress. Note that trunking covers have not been installed yet. Source Go Switchgear. Standard panel-building: Mount components on DIN rail where possible. ...
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