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Questions regarding the safe and effecient design and implementation of AC voltage to DC voltage supplies. Typically Mains to some lower DC voltage.
Phenomenon related to DIY PCB fabrication, where acid gets concentrated on tracks' sharp angles causing over-etching.
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Actel was a company that makes FPGAs. They are now part of Microsemi.
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Components which provide a gain in the circuit where they are applied. Typical examples are transistors and op-amps.
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a type of analog electronic filter that uses active components such as an amplifier.
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an integrated FPGA design creation and simulation solution produced by Aldec, Inc.
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a device for converting energy into motion. They may be pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, or mechanical.
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a highly integrated device that uses advanced DDS technology coupled with an internal high speed, high performance D/A converter and comparator to form a complete, digitally programmab…
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normally used to describe something that converts from one connector or package to another. For example a BNC to SMA adapter is an example of a connector adapter, wh…
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an Analog to Digital Converter. This device converts analog signals into digital form. It is mainly used by the digital circuitry to take analog measurements.
Digital circuits that adds values
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an electronic design automation software system. It provides an integrated design environment to designers of microwave and RF electronic products.
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Acronym for "Advanced Encryption Standard." Use this tag for questions about implementations of AES. Questions about the algorithm and theory of AES would be more appropriate on Cryptography Stack Exc…
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an effective method that can be expressed within a finite amount of space and time and in a well-defined formal language for doing "just about anything"
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related to alkaline batteries
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PCB design software by Cadence.
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Electrical generators that produce alternate current.
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