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integrated schematic capture, PCB design and FPGA software.
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About tools to simulate circuits. Specify the tool used.
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The kind of magic without which all of this wouldn't be possible. This tag should be used for questions about the **physics** of the fields that charged particles create and how these fields interact.…
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A piece of measurement equipment which can visualize one or more signals simultaneously on a time scale.
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Measurements of the current flowing through a circuit
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32-bit microcontroller IP. The ARM company which designs the ARM cores doesn't make controllers itself, but licences the IP to other manufacturers. ARM is the leading 32-bit controller and is availabl…
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a SPICE simulation, schematic capture and waveform viewer program from Linear Technology. LTspice is freeware with very liberal license, it is lightweight and i…
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Solid state electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.
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Impedance defines the voltage/current characteristic of any dipole circuit.
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a circuit that produces an output voltage that is proportional to the input voltage. One typical configuration consists of a pair of resistors in series from the input voltage to …
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a low-cost PCB design software package.
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A digital signal that goes high and low at a specific frequency.
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the assignment of numbers to objects or events. All measurements consist of three parts: magnitude, dimensions (units) and uncertainty.
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Circuit to generate a signal a specific time after a trigger event. The timing can be defined by an RC time constant, or by clock pulses from an oscillator.
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A non-isolated DC-DC converter topology which outputs voltage less than or equal to the input voltage
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Questions regarding Li-ion batteries (Lithium-ion), including proper charging and usage.
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Symbolic representation of ideal devices implementing boolean functions
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Control refers to systems that control other systems, whether that be industrial machinery, lighting or devices used in a home
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Electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
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Mains electricity, typically a higher voltage AC waveform used to deliver electrical power to households. In North America 120V, 60Hz, in most European countries 230V, 50Hz. What most people will pl…
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a property of a substance related to the amount of heat energy it contains.
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A kind of motor that moves in steps.
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the primary documentation about components, describing their functionality and electrical properties.
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*Your* health and safety while working on electrical devices, and designing devices that will not shock, set fire to, or otherwise harm the user of the device.
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Questions about the electrical implementation of Ethernet; ask another Stack Exchange for software or protocol questions. Specify the speed as 10/100BASE-T is somewhat different from 1000BASE-T, apart…
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Questions related to the design of circuits that supply or use a high voltage. There are a few definitions but the IEC definition of a high-voltage supply system is above 1000 Vrms AC or 1500 V DC.
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A chip or a circuit that sends a signal with more current or voltage, or over longer distances.
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A low bandwidth, low-power short-range wireless protocol typically used for personal area networks that operates on 2.4GHZ-2.485GHZ.
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An optoelectronic device which combines an optical transmitter and receiver in a single package; commonly used in galvanic-isolated control applications such as power supplies.
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Problems related to the connection of circuits to ground or earth references. Can affect safety, accuracy, reliability and interfacing.
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Short for Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs consume little power, and exist in graphic LCDs, or segmented. The latter type is used for character and 7-segment digit display, and also in custom LCDs for con…
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an integrated circuit (chip) used in a variety of timer, pulse generation and oscillator applications. The part is still in widespread use, thanks to its ease of use, low price and…
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a circuit that has two stable states and can be used to store state information.
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A non-isolated DC/DC converter topology.
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How wires connect to terminals and to each other; coloring and organization schemes; appropriate wire selection and installation techniques
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A mechanism for the control of program flow in a computer. When interrupted a computer saves it's present operational state and changes to execution of code that is dependent upon which interrupt was…