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A chip or a circuit that sends a signal with more current or voltage, or over longer distances.
the analysis, interpretation and manipulation of signals
Short for Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs consume little power, and exist in graphic LCDs, or segmented. The latter type is used for character and 7-segment digit display, and also in custom LCDs for con…
The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi chip/module with UART connections and a built-in TCP/IP stack.
A multiplexer selects one of two (or more) inputs based on a control input. It then outputs the selected input.
Questions about cable types, properties, ratings and construction.
Consider also the rf tag.
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Differential refers to any kind of signaling where the signal information is carried by two or more paths and both are required to properly reconstruct the signal. For example, USB D+ and D-
Low-power refers to electronics that are designed to use less power than their common counterparts. This is often a requirement because of limited available power, as in battery operated devices, or i…
Questions about the design of electronics for use in an automotive environment. (Questions about the installation and use of automotive electronics are unlikely to be appropriate for this site.)
Switching can be defined as the change in state whether it be an analog, digital, or mechanical device. For digital devices, switching can be defined as a transition from HIGH to LOW or vice versa. Fo…
Anything related to transfer functions, i.e. those complex-valued functions of a complex variable used to model mathematically the I/O relationship of linear time-invariant initially-at-rest system us…
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Any circuit for driving a motor that's more complex than wiring it to a power source through a simple on/off switch. Examples include speed and torque control using H-bridges, brushless motor controll…
A low bandwidth, low-power short-range wireless protocol typically used for personal area networks that operates on 2.4GHZ-2.485GHZ.
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A circuit which allows power to be applied to a load in either direction. Often used for reversible motor control.
A device which controls the voltage and current being delivered to a capacitor or battery.
Capacitance is the ability of a body to store an electrical charge
Thermal energy; where it comes from, and how to keep it from damaging components
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These are part of AC to DC conversion. A half-wave rectifier keeps only the positive part of the signal. A full-wave rectifier also keeps the negative part, but flips it to make it positive too.
A multifunction measuring instrument used for measuring AC and DC voltage [V] and current [A] as well as resistance [Ω]. Many digital multimeters can also measure frequency [Hz], duty cycle [%], capac…
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a branch of electronics related to identifying and solving problems caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI) between devices. It encompasses both attempting …
More than one of a thing, performing the same task simultaneously
Ancillary circuitry added to a design that provides protection of the main circuitry to enable the main circuits continuing functioning. In some cases the protection circuitry is sacrificial, being d…
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A length of conductive material used as a conductor of electricity.
A circuit that accepts a small-signal digital input and produces as output a high current appropriate for driving the gate of a power MOSFET. See also the [gate-driving] tag.
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Consider instead more specific tags, e.g., dram, sram, flash
An electronic component that sources current - if it sinks current it is called a current sink but both devices (sinks and sources) can be called sources. An IDEAL current source will supply current, …
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A generator is a device that generates electricity from mechanical energy via different energy sources such as heat or kinetic energy of water.
mechanically-adjustable special-type variable resistor with 3 legs and it is used as a potential-divider. (It is not a meter at-all, but got the name from its historical ancestor which was a meter.)
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A mechanism for the control of program flow in a computer. When interrupted a computer saves it's present operational state and changes to execution of code that is dependent upon which interrupt was…
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Zener is an effect in semiconductors, the name of a diode that uses that effect and more generally any diode that has similar characteristics to a Zener diode.
A type of bipolar transistor comprised of n-type semiconductor in contact with p-type semiconductor which in turn is in contact with a n-type semiconductor -> thus NPN. The transistor has three termi…
A comparator compares two voltages or currents and switches an output to indicate which is larger.
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AC power with three legs run 120 degrees out of phase
Act of measuring voltage
GPIO is an acronym for general purpose input/output. The term is typically applied to a pin on a microcontroller (or other device) that may be changed between an input and output under software contro…
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