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A comparator compares two voltages or currents and switches an output to indicate which is larger.
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A circuit that accepts a small-signal digital input and produces as output a high current appropriate for driving the gate of a power MOSFET. See also the [gate-driving] tag.
the strength of an electric current in Amperes (Sometimes shortened to Amps).
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A popular manufacturer of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and CPLDs (Complex Programmable Logic Devices).
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LED Strips come in two designs, both on Flex Printed Circuits (FPC). 1. Simple LED + Resistor versions, typically with multiple parallel segments of three LEDs with matching resistors. 2. Digitally co…
A transmission line may refer to a cable or assembly that is designed to carry radio frequencies and must consider the wave nature of the signal. Coaxial cable is an example of a transmission line. …
a Digital to Analog Converter.
for circuits that only contain passive components, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. This includes RC, RL, LC, and RLC circuits.
A circuit that converts a signal from one form to another. Analog to digital, Digital to analog, Voltage to current, Current to voltage etc. The key to understanding is the transformational properti…
Involving or pertaining to a circuit or device that is intended to be operated with cells or batteries (as opposed to mains power, for example).
AC power with three legs run 120 degrees out of phase
an integrated circuit that elaborates information in the form of digital signals. Not to be confused with a microcontroller, which embeds many additional devices to control embed…
the process of designing a PCB including placement of parts and routing of traces.
Deprecated tag. Do not use in the future.
a process whereby information from an output of a signal is used (intentionally or unintentionally) to alter the input of the same signal. Commonly used in operational amplifiers. An every…
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a self-contained power supply that controls the amount of current and voltage supplied to an LED light. An LED constant current driver monitors the loop current of each LED and automa…
CAN stands for Controller Area Network and is a bus often used in automotive applications. It is a two-wire differential protocol and works on baud rates from 10 kbits/sec to 1 Mbits/sec.
non-zero during normal operation becoming very low
a type of EEPROM which is page-eraseable. It's commonly used for microcontroller program memory and code storage. You can use this tag for questions about this type of memory as well as que…
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alternating current motors with rotors that are energized by induction. They are available with power ratings ranging from about 1/500 Hp (1.5 W) to 30,000 Hp (22MW). They are th…
About the manufacturing of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).
Battery and battery operated devices' charging methods and problems encountered relevant to charging.
Piezo-electric device cut at a specific resonance frequency, mostly used in oscillators.
Simply the ratio of output signal to input signal, this dimensionless quantity is a measure of the amplification of a signal which may be represented by voltage, current of may even have a digital rep…
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neither insulators or conductors in their natural state but which can be manipulated via doping or electric fields to change the conduction state. Silicon,…
the property by which a change in current in a conductor induces a voltage both in the conductor itself and nearby inductors, the latter being the basis upon which transformers operate. …
Questions regarding Li-Po batteries (Lithium-ion Polymer, Polymer Lithium Ion or more commonly known as Lithium Polymer), including proper charging and usage.
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A kind of motor with automatic feedback, such as a hobby RC servo.
Questions on the implementation of Wi-Fi (802.11) hardware. Note shopping questions are off-topic.
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a device which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. Questions about fixing speakers will be closed as off-topic.
A famous textual circuit simulator with a number of graphic front-ends. Please tag with the precise flavor used (e.g. Pspice, LTspice, ngspice, Multisim, Proteus, Qucs) whenever appropriate (e.g. synt…
Allowing for the flow of power or information without shared electrical nodes
the practice in electrical or electronic circuits of imposing an upper limit on the current that may be delivered to a load with the purpose of protecting the circuit generating or…
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A digital circuit that literally "counts" - it progresses through a sequence of states that are representative of some value. It need not count in a natural progression i.e. 1,2,3,4,5 etc. to be cons…
a switching device that accepts a small control signal to control a larger load current and/or voltage. In many ways they perform the same function as an electromechanical…
Quesions about the design of USB devices that connect to a USB host, such as a PC.
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