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Is an Arduino Uno capable of running 24/7?
Accepted answer
19 votes

I have powered the board for days at a time. The code that was running was very simple, but there was absolutely no damage. It is worth it to note that it was being powered by a pre-regulated 5v ...

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Check the quality of not original Arduino boards?
4 votes

The only way to verify any given board would be to look at the schematic that goes along with it. If the board is from a sketchy eBay source or something similar you may have to ask the seller, or ...

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How long would a 150 Farad Capacitor light up an LED
3 votes

Yes! You need a resistor. If you don't use a resistor the Cap will discharge instantaneously across the LED. The resistance of the resistor will determine how long the LED will stay lit. You ...

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How do I control a two 12VDC 10A motors using an Arduino?
1 votes

You can use any 12v speed controller that accepts a PWM signal. There are many such controllers available. Check eBay and google. What you will be doing is using the PWM signal from the arduino to ...

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Charging two lead-acid batteries connected in series, separately (with one solar panel)
1 votes

A Single 24volt charger would definitely be the easiest and cheapest way to go, however... If you can spare the $$$ 2x 12volt chargers as you have shown in the diagram would be the way to go. This ...

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