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Name of component on output side cable of a DC power adapter?
7 votes

It's a ferrite choke, not going to retype it all but here's an article: What are the bumps at the end of computer cables?. These "bumps" are called ferrite beads or sometimes ferrite chokes....

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What is this type of digits-only LCD called?
2 votes

What you are thinking of is called a 7 segment LCD. If you know how to light up a regular LED then your 1/8th of the way there. Here is the Wiki to it. It has some theory on how you would create ...

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Record signal when two items touch each other
1 votes

I'd place very small flat metal contacts like this. Solders wires to those contacts and then connect the soldiered wires as the switch in the linked example below. Make sure you test with a multimeter ...

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Basic microcontroller + RF transmitter/receiver plausibility
1 votes

To answer your first question simply yes is it possible to send/receive a signal using two microcontrollers with a transmitter and receiver. However, do you know how to setup coupling capacitors and a ...

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Replacing usb speaker circuit with LiPo battery & Bluetooth. Not sure what watt audio amp to use
0 votes

The speakers you have listed appear to be made by Jiaxing Zhongyong Electronics Co and they have a max rating of 5W RMS at 4ohms which means you should be able to use them in the instructable without ...

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Higher resistance resistor in place of higher wattage?
-1 votes

You need to have the correct value resistor for the LED or the LED will burn out, as will having an under rated resistor displacing too much power cause the resistor to burn up. However if I ...

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