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By Day: Eldest of 7 children, relief teacher, and hoping to enter university soon. 51% girl, and 49% boy, so I can seem a bit harsh until you get to know me. I only open up, or show my 'soft' side to people I really care about and trust, so if I seem a bit prickly to you, act cute, or seem concerned for you, you know where you stand on my friends' list. I am an advocate of female rights, but I also feel we girls/women should know our place. If we want to and are able to help out with things like manual labour or heavy project work, you boys/men out there should not be stopping us. But girls, don't push it. I don't make friends easily, but I keep those I have close. Never had a boyfriend, probably never will #foreveralonenohope.

By Night: I love Korean dramas (some of them at least), romantic or meaningful music, and I feel at home most near the sea (I guess it's a good thing I live on an island). I'm a bit of an insane weirdo (a bit!): I can't put down a good book or stop re-watching a good movie; I make up random stories in my head, then don't write them down; and I have fantasies about my life that won't come true and are influenced by movies/books. I am very adventurous, so I have tried out a lot of stuff: piano (a bit), knitting (a lot), court & prison (once), and sports (all kinds).

For Fun: Singing, listening to music, reading, watching movies & Korean Dramas, taking walks by the beach/lake or in the park, running, playing basketball (<3 <3 <3) & badminton... The list goes on.

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