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Arduino enthusiast with an ever growing sketchbook. Using Uno, Pro Mini, Nano, Digispark ATtiny85, Maple Mini (STM32) and ESP8266. Enjoy interfacing using SPI and i2c.

Never been a PIC person because so far Atmel AVR's do everything I need!

Some of the modules I've interfaced & used:

I/O: ESP-01 ESP8266 Wifi and CPU SOC (AI-Thinker), 80Mhz 32bit with serial EEPROM, ESP-12 ESP8266 Wifi (AI Cloud Inside), NodeMCU0.9, Bluetooth LE BLE CC2541 Bluetooth 4.0 2.4GHz Serial Module / 8051 processor in BlueBasic, Bluetooth HC05 CSR BC417 v2.0+EDR UART, nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz 2Mb/s, Prolific PL2303 USB to UART, 24c and 93c serial EEPROM

Sensors (inputs): rotary encoder (vert & horiz pcb), illuminance BH1750 I2C 3V, sound detector LM393, ZS-042 RTC datalogger module DS3231 + AT24C32 + thermometer, SD card RTC datalogger shield, RC522 RFID module, DS18B20 digital thermometer, VS1838B 38kHz IR demodulator, ACS712T hall effect current sensor linear, BMP180 Barometric pressure sensor, PIR motion detector, LDR, potentiometers, microswitches

Outputs: 10W 3x3 RGB led with PWM using PT4115 driver, 3W COB chip with PWM via FET, NeoPixel (WS2812) strand, Keyes 5050 RGBx8 module, MAX7219 led module x8, Yellow+Blue 0.96" SPI Serial 128X64 OLED Display Module, 7 segment LED displays, 7 segment minitron displays, LCD 1602 16x2, IR diode module Keyes KY-005, Stepper motors via L293N (multiwatt), 12V dc motors via L293N (multiwatt), Servos HXT900 & S3003, ESC Electronic Speed Controller, 230V Relays with opto isolation, IRF520 Mosfet, Piezo buzzers, BCD thumbwheel switch, Xenon beacon KST34C. DMX512 lights via RS485 from PC

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