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Hello, thanks for considering me to work for your company. I have been a developer for a very long time. I started studying systems engineering in 1994 in the best University of Colombia (Los Andes). Sadly I didn't get my degree due to financial problems and quit college in 1996. Anyway, I learned the basics of C language and structured programming. Back in 1994 there was no MySQL or any other database engine and most of the data was stored in self made databases using lists and arrays stored in binary files. After retiring from college I took several jobs always looking to go back and finish my career, but I was not able to do it, so I started learning by myself. Doing so I learned C++ and C#, but the internet was taking over and I decided to switch to HTML, Javascript and PHP as a server side language. Of course, eventually I started to get into frameworks starting with Yii, but the one who really got my attention was Laravel.

I have been building sites with Laravel for over 5 years. I use Blade and lately Livewire to work on my sites. I try to stay updated in jQuery, Bootstrap and Foundation. Since 2020 I have been trying to add to my repertoire Vue.js but I am still a beginner with it.

Since 2018 and until February 28 of 2021 I worked for a city institute in Bogotá called IDPAC, where I built at least 6 different web applications and led several of those projects as database designer, but I was also the developer referenced for code style and documentation in those projects for my co-workers.

During those 3 years I created apps with PHP (Laravel), but I also did some projects in .net (using C#). Right now I am working in my own projects but I am also looking for a stable job.

Aside from Laravel, I also enjoy building WordPress sites, templates and plugins for my clients, mainly because it is the fastest and easiest way to deliver a final product.

I can communicate easily, I speak English fluently and I understand it almost perfectly.

If you want to check out my resume, please go to http://bedoya.co/resume/ If you require a PDF version more suitable for a human resources department, you can message me and I will gladly deliver one. Why don't I send it right away? The reason is simple, I would love to work for a company which understands my web based resume, because that's who I am.

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