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Khubaib Khawar
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  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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I am Khubaib Khawar from Lahore. I have completed my Higher Secondary studies with Computer Science and Statistics as majors. I am trying to learn new things daily in the field of Information Technology.

Back in my childhood when I was in Kindergarten, I ranked up second in my final exam among all the class-mates. My father who was working in PTCL gave a Computer as a gift to me. I did not have any idea about what this thing was, the first thing I ever did on Computer is that I played "The Lion King" in black and white colors. I was so happy to play that and was wondering what this big thing could do. I somehow in my mind was having thoughts that it must be from some different world, of course it is, it is from the world of Information Technology. I played many other games and did different stuff and understood things about it gradually.

When I was in grade 5, I first came to know about YouTube through my cousin who was 18 at that time. The first video I ever watched was "The fight of Bruce Lee from Way of the Dragon". I was amazed to see that because it was just a fight scene, not the whole movie. I was wondering how on the earth can it be happened. Because I always watched full movies not just a scene like this, and that was the first step I put into the Virtual part of Information Technology. I started learning about many things after this step.

When I was in grade 9, I was studying in Govt. Central Model School, Lower Mall Lahore, the most well known School in the history of Pakistan, till this time I have learnt almost everything about Windows and Internet more than the average people do. I was able to search anything on the Internet and was able to fix some common Computer Problems. Due to this, I got some interest in Hacking, which made me know about Kali Linux and Man in the Middle attack process.

During this I learnt Search Engine Optimization and moved towards learning Motion Graphics Designing. My dad and I planned to make the study of Mathematics free of cost in Pakistan and at International level. It made us launch our virtual organization MathApex​ and its Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrwFhLtxGNoluJvnj_EmUwQ). By the Grace of God we will be successful in it soon.

My aims and missions are:

  1. To aware the knowledge and study of Information Technology in Pakistan.
  2. To change the mindset of people of Pakistan towards IT.
  3. To modify the culture of superstitious beliefs through the education.
  4. To make all the education free in whole Pakistan. (It is not offending the teachers, teachers would still get paid by Govt. for their jobs)
  5. To connect Pakistani people with other people at International Level.
  6. To secure more the Defense System of Pakistan.
  7. Some more missions.
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