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I started programming in Turbo Pascal 4.0 using an IBM compatible XT and a EGA monitor.

Pascal has always been my language of choice and I still enjoy writing in Delphi.

With great pity I watch the Desktop RAD go the same way as the dinosaur.

I like PHP as it reminds me of pascal. But PHP is getting more and more to be the backend and everything else is javascript either in the browser or node.

For database I use mySQL.

My other interest is in programming Arduino, although I like to use Arduino as a gateway and still do the most of the coding on a device(ios/android) or a pc(node). It used to be through USB serial communication but nowadays Bluetooth 4.0 is more practical.

I like to write code that lets me learn new things. On the occasion that I'm not coding I like to design and print 3d machines and toys and program them with Arduino.

Also recently I discovered Selenium and am enjoying it.

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