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How can I use 5V devices and sensors with a Fio?
2 votes

A boost converter is for supply voltages and not for IO. So if your supply is only 3.3V and your devices needs 5V, a boost supply will work. Keep in mind that most devices that run at 3.3V are not ...

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Maximum Current Draw on Vin Pin
6 votes

The Vin pin's maximum current is generally limited by the reverse protection diode, which is rated for 1A. While you didn't ask this question, you should keep in mind that those small rectangular 9V ...

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Does the Arduino Uno “Clean” the power input from the adapter?
8 votes

The 5V node is pretty raw with only a small amount of decoupling. The Vin and Barrel jack are connected to a regulator with significant decoupling capacitors. The regulator will filter out ...

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