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34 votes

What is the purpose of those star like solder joints?

5 votes

Is there a theoretical possibility of having a full computer on a silicon wafer instead of a motherboard?

0 votes

How to read 0 -10V analog voltage with lower voltage tolerant ADCs without a voltage divider

2 votes

Connecting 10AWG wires to PCB

2 votes

Does ground pour circumvent bypass capacitors?

13 votes

Does this design smell bad? Can I pull a pin simultaneously down and up?

-1 votes

How to inflict ESD damage on a board?

3 votes

Why are FPGAs so expensive?

3 votes

What drives the advancement towards ever faster cellular network speeds?

11 votes

Is there a gap in an LED between the plates (post & anvil) or a wire (or are there different kinds of each)?

3 votes

Why don't we use low voltage Power Sources for high wattage applications?

1 vote

Why isn't my battery charging?

19 votes

Why are car batteries still so heavy?

13 votes

How can a high-voltage transistor be in such small packaging?