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Software guy living in southern Germany. I'm mostly doing Java, VBA, Perl6, some .NET and JavaScript. Involuntarily I also deal with PHP from time to time.

Biggest side project: Offene Bibel

In addition to the default CC-BY-SA license, I license all original source code in my contributions on all StackExchange sites as CC0, given the piece in question is clearly not a derivative of a post by somebody else (for example in the question or other answers). This means you do not have to worry about my license rights, but somebody else could possibly claim my contribution is a derivative of theirs, in which case you do have to conform to their rights. It might still be a good idea to put a comment with a link to the SO post next to your code, so you remember where you got the code from. This prevents confusion when someone else also copied the code and licensed it under some license you don't conform with, see this post.

My profile picture is a detail of Carl Spitzwegs Der eingeschlafene Einsiedler.

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