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I'm Morwenn. You might have come across my profile near a C++ question. That wouldn't be surprising since I am almost always toying in a dark corner of your bedroom with some modern C++ features (don't be afraid :p); I gave up keeping the actual C++ version I'm using up-to-date in this description, but it should be the latest version available, any time, plus some experimental features. I sometimes try to contribute to the C++ standard and occasionally help with open-source projects.

When I'm not torturing templates, I develop some small scripts or applications with Python. Once in a while it doesn't hurt, and Sphinx is definitely the best thing that happened to project documentation. I also have a disturbing sorting fetish and have thus developed a generic C++14 library with many sorting algorithms, either stolen or reimplemented by myself; if you're interested, don't hesitate to check it out.

Let's talk about hobbies now? :) I love to listen to music all day long while doing anything - psytrance is a must while programming. I also love to talk about music and to play music. I have been playing the recorder in a celtic metal band for some time now, that's plenty of fun ^^

Whatever, I don't know what to add. You can check my GitHub if you feel like it, there are some modern C++ libraries and other pseudo-random stuff over there. Anyway, have a good day and have fun programming, that's what matters the most! :)

Note: if you ever want to use code from one of my questions or answers, unless that code wasn't originally mine (I generally specify where the code comes from when needed), just do whatever you want with it. Consider it to be Creative Commons CC0 licensed (public domain).

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