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Female Linux user, been 'playing' with computers for a long while.

I'm quite sure I don't know everything, and I'm always trying to discover more.

Decent programmer in several languages, can decipher most anything. A background in electronics,repair and nuclear engineering. (Honest!)

I enjoy reading, discovering new things, music and my computers.
(and long walks on the beach, large dogs and chocolate... yeah yeah)

Warped, offbeat sense of humor, been told I have "The Knack", learned it's not fatal though, whew!

For the most part... "I make things work.™"

I really hate telling someone "NO, you can't do that", so I often find some offbeat method to accomplish things. Nothing is really impossible, just some things are more difficult to do than others. It's those 'difficult' things I enjoy. The Challenge!

{Chuckle} Ok, so I'm easily amused, but I do find it interesting with the 'badges'. Well done, it's like those nasty farm games on those toy sites, but more entertaining because I learn while earning them. Yaay!

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