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Is there a way to measure three discrete resistances simultaneously?

I'm working on a test box for fencing body cords. These cords are always 3 wires, and will plug into a box that I'm still designing. The test box I currently use connects to a multimeter and has a switch to change from line to line to test each individually. I'd like to build a circuit that can test all three simultaneously using an Arduino. So far, I've been able to use a set of voltage dividers in parallel to measure the resistances, however in the case that one of the plugs has been mis-wired (A wired to B pin, etc) this circuit will not know the difference. Is there any way to isolate each of the circuits, so that I both know that pin A is wired to pin A (B to B, C to C) and can also measure the resistance across the wire?

For reference, here's the current bread board layout that I'm playing with (as well as some code that I've borrowed for making an Arduino ohmmeter) http://123d.circuits.io/circuits/755318-basic-fencing-wire-test-box/embed#breadboard The three resistors near the top are the 3 I'm interested in testing.