I'm using a touch LCD whose content I want to change if the user moves toward it. For this I'm looking for an SMT proximity sensor with a 40~50 cm detection range. Space above the PCB is only 3 mm, so Sharp GP2D12 and the like are out.

note - I'm not looking for shopping advice ("where can I buy part xyz?"), but rather design advice ("How can I solve this design problem?")

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Mouser's latest mailing mentioned this one: Vishay VCNL4000. For the price of the proximity sensor you also get an ambient light sensor. 4mm x 4mm, 0.75mm high, though it has three blobs on it which make it somewhat higher. Still looks like it's less than 3mm.

enter image description here

Detection range for the proximity sensor is only 20cm, though.

disclaimer: the mention of Mouser is not a shopping advice :-)


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