Im looking for a 12 VDC power supply that has the ability to switch to a battery when ac power is lost in addition to having some type of AC status function such as an open collector. This part does everything I need but I would prefer one that can mount on a DIN rail. Can anyone suggest one or help me with some better search keywords.

enter image description here https://www.meanwell.com/webapp/product/search.aspx?prod=PSC-60&mws=E8F3D2F026E800B6

Similar to https://www.meanwell-web.com/en-gb/ac-dc-industrial-din-rail-power-supply-output-dr--ups40 but they only make this model in 24v enter image description here

The only things im finding that are close with "DIN rail UPS", and "DIN rail power supply with battery backup" are devices meant for industrial automation that typically cost ALOT more.

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DIN is commonly used in industrial applications and, in Europe, in domestic fuseboards. Your DIN PSU will most likely be for industrial applications and will be priced accordingly.

I would be inclined to use the PSU that does the job at the price you want and modify it to mount on the DIN rail.

enter image description here

Figure 1. A quick search for "DIN rail clip" throws up plenty of options.

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