I recently needed to order few more PCI USB controller cards and I had a few laying around already(I need to connect many USB cameras). What surprised me is the difference in design and more importantly missing capacitors on the cards that I recently purchased(Asonic). They are from different manufacturers so different design is to be expected. But what I see is clearly a much poorer product, those recent cards. The price was the same.

Here are some pictures:

Delock: Delock

Asonic: Asonic

So my questions are, what can I expect performance wise?

What's the purpose of those capacitors?


The second is keyed as a 5V only pci card, and the first (with the caps) is keyed as a universal (3.3 and 5v) pci card, I suspect the extra components, and the electrolytic caps in particular, are for power filtering/regulation/conversion so the card can be used in both 3.3v and 5v pci slots.

I would suspect both work equally well, usb is a pretty standard component for ODM's to make and its not hard to make it work, I wouldn't expect it to have any kind of performance impact on a defined communications standard like usb.

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