After going through this wiki on BLE, I understood that BLE SmartReady devices are dual mode devices (BT as well as BLE) whereas Smart devices are single mode devices (only BLE).

Few of my friends say that SmartReady device is a Master whereas Smart device is just a slave. Other say that, 'Though the role of master/slave can be switched at any point of time, all slaves share the master's clock.'

Could you please clarify which is true?


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A Smart device can be a master or a slave. It is important to understand that when a Smart device communicates with a SmartReady device, they're both using the 'low energy' subset of Bluetooth v4.0, and therefore either can be master or a slave, depending on your implementation.

Generally, being Smart or SmartReady is a hardware feature, while being master or slave is a connection feature, so the two are not related.

I hope this helps.


I can say with certainty that your first statement is true and your friends' statements are false.

In RF there is no clock sharing. Smart/SmartReady do not imply Master/Slave/Client/Server roles.


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