I am new to Matlab. I wanted to use Simscape resistor element and want to make it Temperature dependent. However i open the code of the component by view source code. I modify the code but couldn't save it. It gives only option to save as "Save as" . If i save as to new .ssc file then i cannot run that code to generate the component either. Your suggestions and opinion regarding this issue will be appreciated. Thank you!!


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There are three steps that are required to include a custom simscape component into simulink

  1. Suitable directory tree structure

Simscape expects component source to be listed in a directory structure prepended with "+" and within the MATLAB search path ( file --> set path)

Take for instance /home/USER/Documents/MATLAB is listed in the MATLAB path search list, I can create a custom simscape file hierarchy from here:


Within this new directory I can save my simscape part

  1. Build the simscape part.

With a valid Simscape structure existing, a library part can be "compiled" via the ssc_build command

ssc_build +custom

where +custom is the structure that was created. This will create within /home/USER/Documents/MATLAB/ a custom_lib.mdl file, a valid Simulink library that can be opened & your custom part dragged out

  1. Adding a custom library to the main library browser

For this to work a slblocks.m file is required

function blkStruct = slblocks
        % This function specifies that the library should appear
        % in the Library Browser
        % and be cached in the browser repository

        Browser.Library = 'custom_lib';
        % 'mylib' is the name of the library

        Browser.Name = 'My Library';
        % 'My Library' is the library name that appears in the Library Browser

        blkStruct.Browser = Browser;


Your user library and custom part will now appear in the simulink browser

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thank you JonRB for your time and suggestions. Your suggestion worked for me, apart from including '+' sign for compiling using command ssc_build custom no + sign required for my Matlab version 2014 and 2015. \$\endgroup\$
    – Kajiram
    Oct 23, 2015 at 2:14

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