I want to drive a HFBR-1541 optical transmitter (see page 7; 60mA output current), and I want the driver to have extended operating temperature range (at least starting from -20 degrees Celsius).

The driver recommended in the datasheet, SN75451, does not meet the extended operating temperature range requirement and its corresponding version, SN55451, is not produced any more.

Can somebody suggest a circuit or schematic to drive this transmitter and meet the operating temperature range requirement.


The industrial version of the 74F3037D goes from -40C to +85C and I have used it for driving a very similar device namely the HFBR-1414MZ: -

enter image description here

Three outputs were combined to share the load current. C65 was a speed-up capacitor. This was running at a data rate of tens of Mbps.


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