I just bough 2 MFRC522 RFID reader from a different store. Both of them work well to read a standard 13.56 Mhz tags.

However, one of them have "MH" marking while the other doesnt. The one with MH marking able to read UID of a e-money card in my country (as of now I'm still looking for the tech detail of the card), while the other one cannot read it.

I try to swap the inductor (L1 and L2) between them and surprisingly, the original reader with MH marking now unable to read the e-money card, while the newly-swapped reader now able to read the e-money card.

Unfortunately, I dont have access to precise LC meter to measure the inductance of L1 and L2. So, what is the different between MFRC522 with "MH" marking with others? MFRC522 without MH marking MFRC522 with MH marking



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