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Limiting voltage on voltage monitoring pin

Question: How do I limit the voltage on a voltage monitoring pin to 28 V DC (due to voltage rating) when the power rail voltage to be measured may go up to 48 V DC continuous? Are there DC-DC ...
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Accumulate load time and retain through a power cut?

I have a question around closing a relay after a load been active for a specific elapsed time; and the time is always known even through a total power cut; ideally din rail components would be able to ...
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Low power circuit design for turning an LDO on/off at specific voltage levels

I am designing a low power circuit that uses the TPS61023DRLR for energy harvesting, charging a 1.5F ...
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Battery voltage monitor even if it is charging

I am working on a project and I want to add a battery voltage monitoring feature to it. The battery is 3.7 V and I want to monitor its voltage level with the ADC even if it is charging. The main ...
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Monitoring 24V LED stack tower lights status

I am working on a project based on Arduino, but currently stuck. I have three 24V lights to monitor, sent by a tower wired to a machine. My idea is to use a relay to convert first 24 voltage to 5V, so ...
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Design for 110 V brownout detector

I suspect that a power circuit in my home has an intermittent connection somewhere, and I'd like to test this to be sure (because if I'm wrong, then the equipment running on that circuit needs to be ...
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Need to monitor an SSR with an arduino

I need to monitor the coil side of an SSR (not actually a coil I know). The problem with my circuit is it allows enough current through the resistor divider to 0V to actually turn on the SSR. Just ...
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Query regarding MAX20480DATEJ/VY+ voltage monitor

I'm using a MAX20480DATEJ/VY+ voltage monitor for my design. Out of four inputs, I prefer to set IN1 2.5V at the same time for testing purposes. When I'm running my command, I'm constantly getting a ...
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Differential op-amp battery cell monitor circuit odd behavior

I'm working on a three cell LIPO battery cell voltage monitor using three differential op-amps. I had the circuit I designed below printed on a PCB and have assembled the board, but I am getting ...
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Can you monitor the state of charge of lead-acid batteries through their terminal voltage if they're being used?

Lead-acid batteries have -approximately- linear discharge curves and are therefore more easily monitored through their open-circuit voltage. Is there a way to monitor their SoC without disconnecting ...
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Varying DC pass only over set threshold (LM358)

First timer here (microcontroller hobbyist). I need to let voltage pass from battery to step down converter only when voltage exceeds set threshold. There's some MCU stuff behind the 5V step down ...
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Monitoring circuit for the switching voltage

I would like to monitor the switching voltage which is switching between 24V and ground at a frequency of 100kHz. If the voltage is below 21V, then generate a reset signal. The lines are the ...
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Monitoring PWM Solar System

I want to try and make a power monitoring system for an off-grid solar system using a micro-controller (esp8266). I started by monitoring the battery voltage (using a voltage divider and an ADS1115) ...
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What can cause these strange AC current and power readings?

We are attempting to monitor the power usage for a customer using a commercial digital power meter and Rogowski coils. In one of the panels (3 phase 208/120) the current measurements are very ...
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Adding Hysteresis to Supply Voltage Supervisor

I am going through this TI-APP note - Voltage Supervisor,with hysteresis. I am not able to understand WHY they have derived the below equation 1 & equation 2 in the App note (page 2 & page 3)...
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