I have 9 3w leds (white) and 2 1w leds (blue). I have one led driver with sufficient output to drive only the white leds (either in series or parallel.) Therefore, I figured I will get a separate driver for the blues(which have a much lower total power requirement than the whites.) With a 3 position switch, i would like to have:

Position 1 - both white and blue leds on.

Position 2 - all lights off.

Position 3 - blue lights only on.

This seems like it should be simple. Any direction on learning how to do this would be welcomed.

Thank you.

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What you want is a three position two pole rotary switch:

It's circuit is like this:

enter image description here

The three positions are

position 1: contacts 1 & 4 selected -- used for Blue (contact 1) and White (contact 4)
position 2: contacts 2 & 5 selected -- no contacts used (off position)
position 3: contacts 3 & 6 selected -- used for Blue only (contact 3)

Connect Blue to terminal 1 and 3, and White to terminal 4. Leave terminals 2 and 5 disconnected for the center off position. Also leave terminal 6 disconnected. Connect your drive voltage for Blue to terminal C1, and White to C2.

One such switch is the ALPS SRBM131300, available from Mouser for $5.75.


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