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Short distance, bi-directional, digital, point-to-point, industrial communications networking standard (IEC 61131-9) used for connecting digital sensors and actuators.

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Use IO-Link v1.1 without ISDU

I want to use IO-Link v1.1, but my device has no ISDU implementation. Is it possible to still use v1.1? The IODD-Checker says: ...
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How to connect one digital/analog sensor to two separate devices?

I have an ifm electrical pressure sensor witha 3 wire sensor cable which is currently connected to an ifm IO-link master for receiving signals. I want to make a parallel circuit to connect the sensor ...
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IO link sensors with PLC

This is probably a stupid question but I am new to IO link sensors. When using IO link technology with a PLC (siemens s7-1200) can you connect devices that are not IO link sensors? For example say I ...
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Communication between PLC and Arduino using IO-Link

I have a small device based on an Arduino and I want to send some data to a PLC that has no RS232 port but can have an optional IO-Link master card. I looked around but found no info about Arduino and ...
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Is there an open source IO-Link stack available?

I have been looking at designing a solution around an IO-link master. Does the IO-link Consortium allow for open source implentations of both the master and slave? The documents online seem to give ...
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Handling cyclic and acyclic UART messages

I'm looking into designing an IO-Link slave on page 35 of the IO-Link spec they mention Communication Channels. I have received an IO-Link device stack from TEConcept (ST/STM IO-Link partner), I ...
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IO-Link Master implementation on FPGA

I try to get a grasp on the IO-Link protocol but the Interface Specification seems to be horribly bad. Has someone ever used IO-Link on a FPGA? Is it feasable to implement a small master (I only have ...'s user avatar
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