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Is it possible to drive or emulate a smartcard using Raspberry Pi?

I am trying to learn a little more about the smart card's communication protocols (More specifically T0 and T1 protocols). These cards have 5 pin-outs as below (Vpp is not used) and communicate with ...
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Connect STM32F4 with smart card ISO7816

everybody. My task is to connect STM32F4 discovery Board with Smart Card ISO7816. I don't use interface ST8024CDR only hooked paid directly by the scheme specified in the image: I tried to adapt the ...
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Is this possible to transmit higher data-rate with 9600 bdrate clock in ISO7816

I am trying to transceive information between an embedded processor and a smart-card device. Default transition is done in: 9600 baudRate 3.58MHz clock pulse Fi=372 Di=1 After initial command ...
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GSM Module resets SIM card

I'm working on a SIM Card Emulator. For this purpose I use GSM Module Huawei EM770W that is connected to USB adapter. I soldered wires from SIM card holder to MCU (TM4C123XL) and from MCU to SIM Card ...
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Smart Card (SIM) clocking requirements

I'm trying to implement a SIM card interface using TI TM4C123XL. I have a question about a clock. TI MCU seems to provide possibility to interface smart cards but don't let me multiply clock without ...
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