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What would be the Maximum ERIP of cellphone in absence of 23dBm 3gpp restrictions? [closed]

Consider a 5g cellphone with 4×4 MIMO antaenna (4 transmitters),wifi antaenna,& Bluetooth antaenna. Considering the 3gpp guidelines, current EIRP is set to maximum of 23dBm, which is maintained by ...
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Converting beam index to angular units

Assume I have a MIMO channel matrix \$H\$ of dimension [\$N_r\$ \$N_t\$ \$N_f\$] where \$N_r\$ are the number of antennas at the receiver, \$N_t\$ the number of antennas at the transmitter, and \$N_f\$...
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Identify this component: BEF1592 2143

This component is placed in the signal path next to a multi-band GSM antenna. It seems to have 3 terminals - 1x GND and 2x in signal path. I suspect it is some sort of bandpass filter, but can't ...
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Dual band Wi-Fi antenna simultaneous 2.4+5GHz transmission

There are APs that have dual band antennas and seem to offer simultaneous 2.4+5 GHz operation. I wonder how this simultaneous dual band operation technically works (2 radios using one antenna.) A ...
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PID implementation for MIMO system with strong crosstalk

The setup: Rectangular platform with two sensors providing pitch and roll angles. Four articulated legs at the corners with actuators controlled by the software. Actuator position feedback is also ...
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2T2R with two antennas

Regarding the 2T2R, the device should have two transmitter antennas and two receiver antennas in order to double the data rate. However, as I see different devices, the 2T2R has only two antennas, and ...
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