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PartSim with 555 timer

I have used PartSim for discrete circuits but when I wanted to add a 555 timer chip there was nothing available in the list of components. I read about creating my own project models from spice text, ...
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RC Circuit Simulation gives unexpected transient response

I am currently trying to find the correct measure of current through the 4KOhm Resistor in a transient response after the switch is closed. I tried to replicate the switch using AC Voltage Source ...
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PartSim Simulation for Transient Step-Response (RC Circuit) Has Unexpected Result

this is my first question on stackexchange, so forgive me if my format is not ideal. I am currently trying to simulate a RC circuit, and producing a step-response graph that should look similar to ...
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Has anyone used partsim and if they have, where is the potentiometer?

Thanks you all for reading. Lately I have been trying to use to model a vintage synthesizer in hopes of building a real one with real hardware. However it's really expensive to do so ...
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Simulation difference between two similar OpAmps

I preface this with saying that at one time, many many years ago, I had taken some EE courses. I remember only a little. I was simulating a simple non-inverting amplifier used in a DC setting as a ...
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Help with coupled inductor using Partsim

I have created the following circuit in Partsim. When I run the DC Bias analysis, the circuit on the left side of the coupled inductor behaves as expected. However, I do not see any voltage appearing ...
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