I have a circuit file ADA4691 from Analog Devices and it has a different .model V SWITCH versus SW in ngspice with a VON And VOFF instead of VTH for one switching voltage.

How could I approximate the two voltage conditions around the ngspice version?

The models inside are

.MODEL SOPEN  VSWITCH (VON=2.0, VOFF=0.8, RON=1e-01, ROFF=1E+09)

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This link here has some info. If your trying to translate models

First make sure they are an equivalent model.

  • Design a simple test spice file that will test the model with a voltage source.
  • Test the model that you want to use in a different spice package so you know what the correct result is
  • Test the SW model and 'play around' with it until you get the same result.

It will take some work, but somebody's got to do it.


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