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Utility meters in an AMF panel

Without the DG, the mains goes to, say, 5 flats in my apartment through 5 utility meters. However, with AMF, the DG is shorted to mains. Wouldn't the utility meters count DG energy too?
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Correct use of circuit breaker before/after 220-24 converters in distribution board

Say I have a distribution board where 220VAC comes in and goes into a 220VAC-24DC converter. 24V DC is subsequently fed into a KNX-driven RGBW dimmer which powers a LED strip directly along a 5x1.5 ...
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Interrupt rating of all fuses in branches of same circuit

I am redesigning my boat's DC electric circuit, and when looking at the main battery fuse to determine its correct interrupt rating (i.e. the current the fuse will be able to fully interrupt without ...
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Power Distribution for multiple 5V consumers

I'm a newby in the field of Electrical Engineering (only basic knowledge from school). Nevertheless, I need to power up to 10 Raspberry Pis (5V, 2A) with Dupont Connectors and AWG24 cables over GPIO ...
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Dividing Current to 10 outputs from 5V source

I need to create a simple power supply circuit to feed 10 external boards, similar to a USB power hub. My power source is an AC to DC adapter measured to output 5V 10A. I need to limit the maximum ...
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Operation of DC power distribution boards/panels/strips

I have purchased a variable bench power supply 0-30 volts and 0-10 amps. I intend buy and to connect this supply to a suitable dc power distribution board, from which I wish to power four led matrix ...
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Basic 3 phase question

I've come across this question at work and it has stumped me... even though it is quite basic. A distribution board is supplied by 3 phase 415 AC power. From the distribution board to a circuit ...
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Connecting a 3mm electrical wire in a non air environment?

Is it safe to connect a 3mm electrical wire (running 240 V) in a complete closed no air environment (Completely sealed "Hazard proof" cabinet) ? I will use similar to the below
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How to select a home automatic circuit breaker?

A room contains electrical devices which has a max demand of 10A (may be more than that in the future). The mains cable from the electric panel (distribution board) is 4 mm2 which can handle current ...
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