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EU appliance use on US circuit - grounding concerns

I've been reading through old posts about people wanting to use European kettles and other appliances on a 240v US circuit. Forget the 50hz/60hz frequency difference for resistive loads and universal ...
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CLOSED: Naive Question - VFD powered receptacle to power European 3-phase 2.2 kW 50 Hz powered equipment

I've updated the title as "CLOSED" because the thoughtful responses have answered my naive question. I did quite a bit of research yesterday and this research, combined with the forum ...
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Single vs two pole breakers - Single phase loads on IT power with distributed neutral

Are two-pole breakers required on single-phase 230 V loads when connected to a 3-phase supply with IT earthing system (with distributed neutral) in Germany? Where in the standards is this requirement ...
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European symbols in Altium

Is there a way to change the symbols for the passive components in my Altium schematic to the European style? I only seem to find the North American style of resistors in the components and ...
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Solving for using 120 V, 60 Hz washing machine and dryer in 240 V, 50 Hz environment

Thanks in advance for the feedback. My family will be building our dream home and moving to Europe in a few years. I’ve lived in various regions of the world and one of the biggest conveniences that I ...
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Why do EU electrical sockets/plugs have two pins for grounding?

Inside a plug there is one grounding wire, while the socket has two grounding pins. I know that the wire splits into two, but why? As the wiring inside the wall is supposed to be the same between ...
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European cooktop for use in US split phase

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I'm an architect so I only know so much about electrical engineering. I have this Elica induction cooktop that I ordered from Italy. This cooktop ...
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What is the correct European convention for annotating circuit diagrams?

I am compiling training material and would like to stick to the European symbols and convention in annotating circuit diagrams. What is the correct way to mark currents and voltages? I attach an ...
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