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how do I add turn-off to a latching circuit?

so, I made this latch circuit : Falstad Simulator simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab It turns on and stays on. How do I add turning off using single momentary switch? I ...
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Problems with regenerative receiver circuit

Im trying to build a regenerative receiver, that is supposed to receive a ASK/OOK modulated signal. but there are a few problems. Keep in mind this circuit might be horrendous, but it's just a proof ...
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Shunt regulation - discrete or linear? [closed]

This is a spin-off of the question I've asked before. I've received many interesting answers and summarized them there. I also accepted most interesting suggestion. During this time we also bought and ...
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24v Electric car kiddie regen brake issue [duplicate]

Looking for some help please. We manufacture small off road Land Rover Defenders for holiday parks and the likes. Up until recently these cars have run off 3x 8v lead acid batteries with a ...
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How can I handle regenerative braking when the lithium-ion battery is full?

Long version We are using third party motor driver with regenerative braking and a lithium-ion battery. Apparently, this combination is well known in e-bike enthusiasts world as having a huge problem ...
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How do we calculate the rise in DC bus voltage during negative torque conditions on a PMSM Motor

I have two PMSM motors connected back to back with a coupled shaft. Both the motors have independent motor drive inverters driving them. One motor (Motor A) is operating in speed mode, meaning its job ...
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Does more motors = more regen?

If you have a car with multiple (2-3) motors that are capable of regen braking, do you get more energy recovery than if you have just one motor?
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BLDC providing boost to rectifier circuit

I have been tasked to work on this project, and I have struggled to find clear resources that nicely explain the full concept and would appreciate some help. Here is all the information. There is a ...
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Conversion of regenerative receiver to tranciever

The regenerative receiver contains a generator, is it possible to turn it into a simple transceiver using the same coil for tuning both to receive and transmit? The circuit below works in a wide range ...
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Use capacitor to store energy during regenerative braking

I have a BLDC motor and I want to store the regenerative power when it is braking. For doing so, I was thinking to use a capacitor bank between the driver and the power supply (48V DC). The peak ...
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Do computer/datacenter power supplies utilize regeneration (like in motor control)?

In a PC power supply I have, it implements a synchronous buck converter that uses two active switches without a diode. I found a picture of the schematic online, whose link is below: https://e2e.ti....
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Use of LM386 with simple regen receiver

I have been experimenting with a very simple AM regenerative receiver discussed at The schematic is shown here: I obtain fairly good performance feeding the output to an old Radio ...
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1 answer

Adjustable regenerative braking

In electric cars, one way to brake is to turn the motor into a generator, extracting energy from the motor, and slowing the car down. I'm not sure, but my guess for how to decrease and increase the ...
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At what relative speed (slow/medium/ or fast) do electric skateboards recharge the most efficiently while going downhill? [closed]

Most electric skateboards recharge while going downhill. What would be the most efficient relative speed to go down hill? I would argue that going slower would use less energy and recharge the battery ...
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How is amount of regenerative braking in DC motor controlled

I know that if you spin a DC motor by an external force, it can create electricity, hence it can be used to charge a battery or something. This is used in regenerative braking. But how can be the ...
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How can the energy produced by a generator be fed back to the motor that rotates the generator?

The drawing below shows an induction motor (IM), powered from the grid through a variable frequency drive (VFD). This IM, through a gearbox, rotates a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) ...
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Longwave Radio Receiver, Non-SDR Version

It is my understanding that radio receiver designs change drastically once you get into the sub-MHz range (superhet doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense at this point). I seem to be leaning into ...
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Inverter DC link voltage rises when motor decelerates

For a voltage-source-inverter (VSI) powered PMSM, as shown in the picture below, the DC bus voltage across the DC bus capacitor Udc normally drops frequently, which will cause no harm to the cap ...
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