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Can bits-per-symbol be increased by superimposing frequencies on top of one another, analogous to chords in music?

I understand how the number of symbols used can be increased with things like quadrature phase-shift keying or quadrature amplitude modulation, and so on. I have thought for a year that it would be ...
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How are two definitions of baud rate same?

The bit rate V baud rate has been a confusing topic for me lately. I feel like I am clear about the difference between these two. But going through the definitions of baud rate, I find two different ...
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How do I log UART ASCI data at high speed (above 921600 baud) [closed]

I am transmitting data from a microcontroller via UART and this is going to the USB port of a laptop. The data comes formatted as ASCII, and I am viewing in real time and logging in a PC using ...
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Bit error rate calculation for LIN protocol

I am having this microcontroller - S32K142 64 Pin 5V Core voltage Microcontroller Reference Manual I am using an 8MHz external clock. I want to calculate the Bit error rate of my LIN Communication. My ...
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Ambiguity about concept of baud rate and bit rate

I know that there is lots of questions and answers that is related to this topic, but i can not clearly and distinctively find answers to my questions, yet. In addition i found some answers which ...
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HM-TRP radio module works at 56K data speed but only in delayed chunks

I created the following setup: I created one circuit in which the PC connects to an HM-TRP radio module via a max232 DIP IC. This circuit for the test is the master to all devices and sends a 16 byte ...
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Serial baud calculation without using serial interrupt - 8051

Here's the situation. I have a project which utilizes multiple sensors and connects to another unit through standard UART (8N1). Because no data needs to be missed from any device, I made the ...
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Tolerance of SPI comms bit ratres (transmitter and clock master too fast)

I'm wondering people's thoughts on what happens when SPI timings between master and slave are "a bit" off. A bit being 2.34375 % too slow. My setup is: Slave device, which I cannot change, wants to ...
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Serial Output returns wrong ASCII

I am using a FTDI cable and connected it with my mac. I can connect successfully with my serial terminal on my mac via the cable and can input text on my keyboard to be transmitted to the AVR. When ...
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